First of all, congratulations on consideration of our dormitories.

We guarantee an experience of a lifetime and great time in multi cultural environment.

  1. How can I book a bed/room in the dormitory?

There are 6 steps to be done:

Step 1. Please sign-in at: http://en.studenthostel.com.pl/booking-form/ and

make an initial reservation specifying the type of room you are interested in. Pre-booking does not guarantee a dormitory place yet.

Step 2.  After receiving the initial reservation, we will send you the rental agreement and pro forma invoice.

Step 3. Read the rental agreement (CONTRACT).
Complete, sign and scan the rental agreement.

Then send the rental agreement to: kontakt@studenthostel.com.pl .

Step 4. Pay the reservation fee based on the pro forma invoice received:

Please pay a reservation fee of 1000 PLN (deposit) and a 3-month rent payment in advance for your stay (we will send you invoice with account details) via bank transfer. Beneficiary account no:

Company name: Hola Amigo Sp. z o.o.

PL86 1140 2004 0000 3102 7937 2249 – PLN

PL15 1140 2004 0000 3012 1018 6643 – EURO

MBank SA Beneficiary bank code (swift code): BREXPLPWMBK

Step 5. Returning the signed contract (scan) and paying the reservation fee means that you have made a Reservation for a bed / room in the Dormitory. After making the Reservation, You will receive a scan by email of the lease agreement we signed.

Step 6. Check-in and enjoy your stay! Remember to inform us by @ about your arrival date and time:) Have fun and good luck!

* – steps 1-5 MUST be done before dorm check-in

2. What are the options of accommodation?

We have single, double, triple and quadruple rooms. When booking, you must indicate the specific type of room you are interested in (how many people in the room).

Pictures of the rooms can be seen here: http://en.studenthostel.com.pl/gallery/

We can try to reserve a specific room number for you, but we do not guarantee it 100%.

Our primary business are dormitories for students, however we will not rest until you have a place to stay in Poland: we will assist you with finding a flat, apartment, studio, house or whatever else you may need. Please contact us for more details.

  1. How much do you charge for a bed?

  1. Do I pay for the media (gas, electricity, internet, etc.)? How much is it?

Yes, we will charge you a fixed fee for the electricity, heating gas and garbage disposal, internet, water, sludge etc. This is a fixed cost: 180 PLN per one month.

  1. Where dormitories are located?

All of our dormitories are located very close to metro station Wilanowska, you can reach it in aprox. 2 minutes by walk. The addresses of our dormitories are: Skrzetuskiego 16B, Wita Stwosza 23A, Niedzwiedzia 50A. Using metro to the center will take max. 10 minutes. Also very close are bus and tram stations. To reach a Łazarski university you’ll need from 10 to 2 minutes by foot. It is only two metro stations to get to Vistula University. We are also very close to a big shopping mall Galeria Mokotów (http://galeriamokotow.pl) , there are also a lot of grocery stores like Biedronka, Carrefour and others near.

To check how to reach use website „http://warszawa.jakdojade.pl” – Polish internet service designed for searching transport links and planning travels via public transport in the cities.

  1. How do I make sure that a bed/room is booked and guaranteed?

The only way to make sure that the bed/room is waiting for you is to go through the booking process and pay a booking fee (deposit and 3-month rent). Remember – no payment, no guarantee.

  1. How do I pay a deposit and how much is it?

We charge PLN 1000 per person regardless of the contract duration. Information about the deposit is also in point 1 step 4.

  1. Will I get my deposit back after my stay?

Of course, you will get a full refund after you check-out, unless something has been damaged or missing or some bill was unpaid. We use solidarity and subsidiary responsibility rule when something is not right and no one has been found responsible. Do not worry though – this does not happen very often.

  1. Why should I trust you?

We partner with some of the best universities in Poland. We pride ourselves on professional approach and best quality service. If you are in doubt regarding our trustwothiness please refer to  the University Coordinator and check out our testimonials.

  1. Can I pay for the booking upfront?

Absolutely. If you pay in advance for the whole year (2 semesters), we will reward you and receive a 10% discount!

  1. What is your bank account number (SWIFT/IBAN etc.)?

Beneficiary account no:

IBAN for payments in PLN: PL86 1140 2004 0000 3102 7937 2249

IBAN for payments in EURO: PL15 1140 2004 0000 3012 1018 6643

Name of the bank: MBank SA, bank code (swift code): BREXPLPWMBK

  1. Where are your dormitories located?

The addresses of our dormitories are: Skrzetuskiego 16B, Wita Stwosza 23A, Niedźwiedzia 50A. Please refer to our website: http://en.studenthostel.com.pl/dormitories/

  1. What is the most convenient way to get to the dormitories?

The easiest way to get to our dorms is by metro. There are detailed descriptions of getting to our dormitories here:

http://en.studenthostel.com.pl/dormitories/ We also recommend using Uber service (www.uber.com)

  1. What is the best transportation from dormitories to my University?

This information is available here: http://en.studenthostel.com.pl/dormitories/

  1. Can I see photos of my room? What typical equipment do you offer?

You can view photos of the dormitories and rooms here: http://en.studenthostel.com.pl/gallery/

The standard of the rooms is very similar and we do not guarantee to book a specific room, but you will get an idea of how does the rooms look like. We mostly use IKEA furniture because of its quality. You can expect to have a cozy bed and spring/foam mattress, three sets of bedding, drawer, lamp, access to a working desk, a chair and a wardrobe.

  1. Will I get bedding, a towel, a quilt and a pillow?

We guarantee free linen for every student: sheet and duvet and pillow covers. We also provide three times per semester to change bed linen for a new clean set.

We do not provide towels. We also do not guarantee the availability of used quilts and pillows. These are things that cannot be washed or properly cleaned. If we have available used quilts and pillows, we make them available to interested persons free of charge.

We have new duvets for PLN 70 and pillows for PLN 20 available for purchase.

  1. I am a female. Will I share a room and toilet with other females?

Yes, we always separate males and females unless you are a couple. However, do not expect to have a separate bathroom, toilet or shower, as we operate small houses and this would be difficult.

  1. Do I need to be a student to use your services?

Our services are primary dedicated to students, but we occasionally accept non-students during the summer time.

  1. Do you speak other languages?

We speak Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

  1. What is the minimum duration accepted?

We accept a minimum stay of one month (30 days) in the summer (July – September) and a minimum of one semester during the academic year. The academic year means a period of 2 semesters:

I semester: from September 15 to February 15,

Second semester from February 15 to July 15.

If your contract covers 2 semesters, you get a discount from us: See point 3. You can get an additional 10% discount by paying for 2 semesters in advance.

  1. Do you also offer beds/rooms in the summer?

Yes, our offer is also available in the summer.

  1. How does the contract look like?

Please download the contract from here: contract

Remember to print it, sign it and send to us at: kontakt@studenthostel.com.pl

  1. What are the Rules of the House?

Detailed information is included in the dormitory regulations. If you want to know them now please ask us by @ .

  1. Have you got single rooms?

Yes, however the number of single-bed room is very limited, so don’t hesitate to book it ASAP.

  1. I wish to share a room with my friend? How do I book a room?

Simply let us know about it when booking your bed.

  1. I need a Rental Agreement in order to get a visa, how can you help?

We will issue a Rental Agreement upon receiving the payment.

  1. What are the check-in and check-out hours?

We work from 9am to 5pm. Check-in at other times is also exceptionally possible, but must be agreed individually.

  1. Do you cooperate with recruitment agencies. What are the terms and conditions?

Yes, we do cooperate with agencies, please contact us for details.

  1. Do you provide cleaning services?

Yes, we clean common areas (kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, shower rooms and corridors) three times a week or more if needed.

Please note that it does not mean that you do not need to clean after yourselve. We expect

everyone to follow a strict regime of cleaning after themselves and to keep their rooms tidy.

At your request, we can also organize cleaning of Your room – it cost  PLN 50.

  1. Do you provide cleaning products?

We only provide cleaning products for the weekly cleaning. Please note that we do provide

garbage bags, but we do not provide toilet paper, towels nor soap.

  1. What are the rules regarding smoking and alcohol?

Smoking in the house is prohibited and we will take action to execute this rule by charging high penalties for those not following this rule. We allow alcoholic products but we expect responsible drinking and will not accept inappropriate behavior. In the worst case scenario we will remove disobedient persons from the house. Please note that we have a curfew policy: silence is expected between 10pm and 7am. We will be taking action if this rule is not followed.

Rules are rules, but the common sense is what counts.

Please note that we manage our dormitories with a respect to cultural diversity and we expect you to follow the same rule. You will find here people of many religions, skin color and beliefs and please accept different view. This is part of your experience and a life lesson.

We do our best to run the houses as eco-friendly as possible, so please try help us as much as you can: recycle garbage using appropriate bins, turn off the lights if you don’t need it, fill the washing machine to the maximum, lower the carbon footprint by using heating wisely.

Thank you!

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